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Queen's Handbags & Accessories is looking for contributors to write articles about tips and tricks or any kind of knowledge related to the arm candy fashion industry! Would you like to join us? 

We're looking for anyone interested in the fashion field who feels they have a constructive opinion about the industry and can write a short, up to 500 word (or long if you choose, 500+ word) creative articles to a growing audience worldwide. We love original personal stories, informative guides and sited case studies, and anything you would like to feature concerning the field.

You will be allowed to feature your content on other sites as well if you choose to do so. If you allow us to post your content you will have full credit for your article(s) as the sole author. Together we can help each other by reaching out to the masses.

You are a writer and hold the power of your own words  — A Writer.

We're not going to pressure you and ask that you type out an X amount of articles within any time frame. We believe when you're ready to produce a great article and you'd love to share your content on our website then we're willing to help you out any time because you'll be helping us out as well.

We do ask, though, that your work is original, well thought out, relevant to what we sell, and please do a spell check. That's about it! If you would like to contribute but you're not an expert we would still love to hear your thoughts.